“Dad’s pretty sick. When will he get better?” Audrey asked forlornly.

“Soon enough, if we use some herbs.” Her mother proclaimed.

“Herbs? Doesn’t he need medicine?” Audrey asked.

“My dear, plants are medicine.” her mother stated emphatically

“They are?" Audrey looked up at her mother, quizzically.

“Yes, I’ll tell you how our people started using plants and herbs as medicine wile I make some rat root tea for you dad.

“One day, many years ago, The Chief fell ill. The village was very worried, none of them had ever seen anyone this sick. They were worried he wouldn’t make it through.

The Chief’s wife wouldn’t let him go, she tried everything she could think of to nurse him back to health. But nothing worked, he continued to get worse as the days passed by.

As the Chief’s Wife tried her hardest to help her husband, an old lady entered the village. No one had seen her before, but as they are custom to, the villagers treated her with hospitality. The old woman was very thankful for food and water as she was very tired from her travels. She left her old village because her husband had died of old age and she wanted to travel.

Although the old woman was happy to be treated so kindly, she couldn’t help but notice that the villagers seemed morose. She asked them why they weren’t happy and they told her the grim news.

Upon hearing about The Chief’s condition, the old woman insisted on seeing him, she believed that she could help him. The villagers reluctantly agreed.

The Chief’s wife was not happy that a stranger was brought to her husband, he did not have the strength for company. She was going to tell the old woman to leave when the old woman told her she could help him. The old woman’s eyes held something. The Chief’s Wife didn’t know what but she knew she could trust this woman. The Chief’s Wife allowed the old woman to enter her home. The old woman knelt by The Chief and held his hand. She closed her eyes for a long time and then slowly opened them. The old woman said she knew what she needed and left.

An entire day passed before the old woman came back, the villagers were very relieved, they all began to rely on this woman to heal their Chief.

The old woman entered The Chief’s home looking very tired, but she worked very quickly putting water over a fire to boil and grinding herbs. When the water began to boil, the old woman picked up a cup and placed her ground up herbs in there, followed by the water. She placed the cup to The Chief’s lips and told him to drink the tea. The Chief drank the tea and everyone waited, looking at The Chief to see if the tea worked. The old woman told everyone to go away for a day, the tea needed time to work, and then the old woman laid on the ground and fell asleep.

When the old woman woke up the next day, she noticed something different. The Chief was sitting up in his bed and laughing with his wife. He looked at the old woman and thanked her. His Wife looked at the old woman with a face full of joy. The old woman instructed The Chief to continue drinking the tea until he felt like himself again. She was about to leave the village when The Chiefs Wife approached her and asked her to stay. The Chief’s Wife told her that the village needed a healer. The old Woman looked into the Chief’s Wife’s eyes and agreed. The Chief’s Wife was elated. Her village had a healer and her husband was going to live.”

“Did the old woman give the Chief rat root?” Audrey asked.

“Some people believe she did.” Said her mother.

“So, dad will get better for sure?”

“Of course, my dear.”

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David was walking with his mother through a trail when he looked at a tree that towered over him and the rest of the trees. He thought about how fascinating mother nature is. Then he had another thought. “Mom, why is it called mother nature and mother earth?” He asked.

His mother looked at him with a soft smile. “It’s a long story.” She explained.

“A very long time ago there was a family. A father, a mother, and a son. The boy loved his mother very much and she loved him more. Not only did ahe love her son, she loved everyone. She was a very compassionate person, and she showed that compassion to everyone and everything she came across. She treated other children as though they were her own, the people began to call her “mother”.

Mother was so full of compassion, that if she knew an animal suffered when it died, she would mourn for it. If she saw a flower beginning to wilt, she would pick and dry it so it could be used for decoration, and it would continue to hold its beauty.

She would watch the other children if one's parents had to go away and the children never wanted to leave. The boy was never jealous, as he knew his mother had enough love for the whole world.

Talk began of Mother becoming the new medicine woman as the other one was getting very old. Mother felt proud that the people thought so highly of herb but she would tell others that if she were the medicine woman she would want to heal everyone on earth, not just her village people. The people knew that she was meant to be a healer for their people, no one else felt as intensely as she did.

But, Mother began to fall Ill. The current medicine woman tried everything she could, but nothing was working.

One day, Mother awoke from a nap and told her son to gather the people, she had something to say.

The entire village gathered in and around Mother’s teepee, eager to hear what she had to say. They all hoped she would announce her recovery.

Mother did not, she told the people that she had a dream. She was going to die soon, and they must bury her in the middle of the field near the lake. The people were in shock, they were certain Mother would pull through.

That evening Mother died peacefully in her sleep, she did not suffer even for a moment.

Her husband granted her wish and buried her near the lake. The whole tribe was in mourning for a long time, they all felt something was missing from their lives, they missed Mother's warm smile.

One day, the boy went to visit Mother's grave and was quite surprised to see what he found. It was an enormous tree that was right where Mother was buried. He touched it and felt a sudden warmth through his body, the same feeling he would get when Mother comforted him. The boy fell to his knees and wept as he wrapped his arms around the tree, he missed that feeling so much. Soon he ran to his village and told his father, word soon spread. The people Soon realized that the tree was very special. The roots, leaves, amd bark all had medicinal powers.

The boy realized that Mother's spirit was in the tree and even in its surroundings.

One day, he took his daughter to the tree and said, “this is Mother. She'll always be here for you, no matter what.”

“So, does everything have Mother’s spirit? Every tree and every flower?” David wondered.

“Yes.” His mother replied. “Everything has the spirit of Mother. So, be gentle with her.”

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David was watching T.V when he looked at the clock. “Time for bed!” He exclaimed as he ran to his bedroom.

David’s father looked at his wife, “Is he Okay?” He joked. “I’ll be back in a bit.” David’s father got up and followed his son to his room. David was in bed, tucked in and patiently waiting for his father.

“Ready to hear a legend?” David’s father asked.

David eagerly nodded his head.

“Unfortunately, this is the last one.”

David’s face fell. “Really? You don’t know any more?”

“Sorry, buddy. I’ll try to make this one really good though.”


“The villagers were all happy, they had plenty of water, food, and protection. In fact they were all so happy they decided to have a celebration. In the evening a fire was built and the day’s food was brought out. The Singers brought their drums and The Dancers wore their best moccasins. The people all sat down to eat before the festivities. They thanked the Creator and The Protectors, The Hunter, The Warrior, and The Rain Man.

“Once everyone was finished eating The Singers began to band their drums and sing. The Dancers soon began to dance to the beat. Everyone else watched and talked amongst each other, their hearts filled with joy. For the first time they had no worries. That feeling, however, did, not last long. Embers from the fire leapt over to one of the trees and by the time the villagers were finishing their celebration, they noticed a tree had caught fire. The people scrambled to gather water. This process took a long time though, by the time the first batch of water made it another tree had caught fire, it began spreading quickly.

“The people worked as fast as they could, but the fire seemed to be working faster. The people could only get so much water at a time and were barely slowing the fire down. As some villagers ran back and forth from the lake to the fire, other tried gathering and blowing on the fire. The Singers joined in, they had the strongest lungs from singing so loudly. They weren’t able to slow the fire down though.

“One Singer stopped to catch her breath, as she did she looked at the ocean, then she had an idea; if they could canoe out to the ocean and blow towards the water, maybe they could move the water towards the land, putting out the fire. The others were skeptical, but willing to try anything. So The Singers gathered their canoes and canoed far out into the ocean. They stopped and began to blow on the water towards the land. They blew as hard as they could. The water began to move. With each breath the water moved more. The Singers were betting hopeful, so they blew faster and faster.

“Small waves began to form in the water. Then they began to get bigger. Soon there were large waves being formed by The Singers. Then they felt air move by them, pushing the water farther. It was wind. Nobody had ever felt wind before. They all stopped, not knowing what was going on. The wind continued to blow. The waves getting bigger. Then a giant wave formed and went straight down toward the land. It came crashing down with a fury and soaked the trees, extinguishing the fire.

“Everybody stood in their tracks, staring at the ocean and then the trees and then they all cheered in unison. Their forest was saved. The Singers made their way back to land and embraced the other villagers, overjoyed that their plan worked. Some trees had been burnt down but most had minimal damage. The trees were so large that it would have taken days to burn them all down and the people were thankful for that. They thanked The Creators as a light breeze blew past them.”

“Cool.” David said as he yawned. “Too bad there aren’t any more legends.”

“I know.” David’s father agreed. “Hey, maybe we could come up with our own.”

“Really?! We can do that?”

“Sure. We can make up anything we want.”

“Awesome!” David hugged his father.

“All right, time for bed. Good night, son.”

“Good night, dad. I had fun listening to your legends.”

David’s father smiled. “I liked telling them to you.”

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