The Hunter

“Do you have another legend to tell me?” David eagerly asked his dad.

“I sure do,” replied his father.

David leaned back on his pillow, “Okay, let’s hear it.”

“Not too long after The Protectors saved their people, they came to face with another problem; there were very little animals left from being hunted and dying from the heat. Any animals that were still alive have migrated. The people have nothing to eat as there is still very little plant life, they didn’t have any fruits or vegetables.

“The people turned to The Hunter, the village’s best hunter and trapper. He has always been able to provide for his people, even in dire circumstances. But there was nothing The Hunter could do. Without animals there’s nothing for him to hunt. The people became very worried, they didn’t know how they would survive.

“With everyone feeling afraid for their lives, some people were acting hostile. There were some who wanted to leave, follow the animals. But the others argued against it. They have a lake now, and soon enough the animals would be hunted to extinction, then they would be in more trouble. However, some did not care and soon left to follow the animals. Those who stayed still hoped The Hunter would somehow help them out. Many people thought he would be the next chief and always went to him for help, but this time he had no ideas at all.

“One man was very upset that The Hunter could not help and started a fight with him. The man lost the fight and was angrier than before. That night he sneaked into The Hunters teepee and cut off his hair. The Hunter awoke to his long hair next to his head. He felt like a limb had been cut off, his hair was very special to him. It had never been cut and he was proud of that. A man only cuts his hair when he loses a battle or comes home from a hunt without any food.

“The Hunter decided to bury his hair as he felt it was very special to him. He then went to his people and tried to help with their crisis, but he could not think clearly. His mind was on his loss of his pride and he felt like a failure. That night he prayed to the Creator to help his people find food, for he feared for their declining health. The next day The Hunter woke up and saw that plants had grown in the area where he had buried his hair. Curious, he picked a plant out of the ground and was surprised to see a vegetable at the end of it. He excitedly dug around the other plants and saw that they were all vegetables. He ran to the villagers and showed them what he discovered. All the people cheered and gathered the food for a feast.

“That afternoon the villagers ate merrily, feeling full for the first time in a long time. They thanked the Creator and then The Hunter, for once again providing for them when they most needed him.”

“How can vegetables grow from hair?” David asked.

“The Creator helped with that. You see, we are one with the earth. It is a part of us as we are a part of it.”

“That’s why we have to take care of it?”

“Yes, my boy. We must take care of it.” David’s father kisses his forehead, “Good night.” He gets up and turns off the light.

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