The Rain Man

“Dad, can you tell me another legend?” David looked eagerly at his dad as he was getting tucked in for bed.

“I’ve got just the one for you tonight.” David’s dad replied.

“Tell me!” David’s excitement is palpable.

“What do you say?”

David sighs, “Can you please tell me one?”

“I’d love to.”

David laid his head on his pillow and pulled his blanket up to his chin. “Okay, I’m ready.”

“Thousands and thousands of years ago there wasn’t an ocean, only lakes.

“Where the North Pacific Ocean is now there was nothing. There were, however, villages. One village had a famous chief that they called The Rain Man, because anytime he did a rain dance it would rain for days, giving the village plenty of water and saving them from drought. He was also very well respected and loved, not only by his village, but by other villages as well. He was very fair and very generous. If his hunting party killed more than enough to feed his villagers, he would share with others.

“There was one village that did not receive such kindness from The Rain Man. It was The Rain Man’s brother’s village. They had a falling out when The Rain Man was elected chief. His brother wanted to be chief and was angry that he wasn’t chosen. He made a big fuss and broke many teepees before storming away and never coming back.

“One day The Rain Man’s brother decided to start a war with The Rain Man’s village, so The Rain Man and his men went off to fight. Their fight lasted days, but finally The Rain Man and his men won and went home. However, there was bad news. The Rain Man was badly injured and died shortly after.

“The villagers and surrounding villages were all very sad to lose such a great man that they all cried together. They cried day and night for months. Their tears first creating puddles, then small lakes, then a large lake. Before they knew it, there was an enormous body of water near their village.

“It is believed that the water contained the spirit of man as it was temperamental. One moment calm and beautiful, the next dark and stormy. Its waves angry and taking down even the largest ships.

“Shortly after the ocean was created The Rain Man’s son was sitting on a rock staring at it. Watching and listening to the rhythm of the waves. He then got up and declared to his villagers that he wanted to take his father’s place. He was granted his wish and was elected chief.

“The Rain Man’s son so believed that the ocean contained the spirit of his father that he watched over it until the day he died and left a message to be passed down to all of his descendants, “The ocean is special and we must be gentle with it. Do right by the spirit of The Rain Man and he will do right by you.””

David’s mother was standing in the doorway, a small smile on her lips. David noticed her and said, “Hey, mom, did you know the ocean is made from people’s tears and has a spirit in it?”

David’s mother walked over to his bed and sat down. “Yes. That’s why we need to take care of it and always recycle.”

“I’ll make sure to recycle everything!” David exclaimed eagerly.

David’s mother kissed his forehead. “That’s good, my boy. Good night.”

David turned to his side and closed his eyes. His parents both got up from his bed and looked at their son as they turned out the light.

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